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Dentist For Wisdom Teeth Removal Philadelphia

We are all familiar with the saying “With age comes wisdom.” This saying falls particularly true when it comes to wisdom teeth.  Just as your body matures and changes through your lifetime, your mouth goes through these same transformations.  One major dental milestone that takes place between your late teenage years to early twenties is the arrival of your third molars, otherwise known as your wisdom teeth.  Historically, these teeth earned their name through their appearance at a more mature age.

When your third molars come through correctly, they can actually benefit functionally your ability to chew. When your wisdom teeth rupture through your gums, it is normal to feel discomfort, however, if you feel a persistent pain, you should visit your dentist immediately.

The jawbone typically is not large enough to accommodate your wisdom teeth, which is why these molars can potentially pose serious problems to your oral health. If your wisdom teeth come in impacted, sideways or partially, overcrowding of the mouth, damage to the adjacent teeth or jawbone can occur. Every patient is unique, but in general, wisdom teeth should be removed if there is evidence of :

  • Infection
  • Pain
  • Cysts
  • Damage to Adjacent Teeth
  • Tooth Decay

  • Gum Disease
  • Tumor

Philadelphia Wisdom Teeth Removal Dentist

Usually when people think of getting their wisdom teeth removed they often shudder with imagined pain and discomfort. The truth of the matter is the pain associated with wisdom teeth often comes from the condition of the rupture of the teeth itself. Through years of advancement in wisdom teeth removal, treatment has become less painful, increased in speed and has become more successful in resolving damage. Dr. Karagodsky does not expect you to be completely calm, nor totally untroubled when coming into his office for a removal of wisdom teeth procedure. He understands that going to the dentist can already be a very nerve-racking process, so it’s only natural that you feel apprehensive about the procedure itself. Here at Smile Maker, you can rest assured knowing that Dr. Karagodsky and his team of professionals are committed to your comfort and will, therefore, make sure that your pain is taken care of and your worries are put to rest.