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The loss of a tooth or teeth does not only the aesthetic quality of your smile. It also can have devastating consequences on your oral health. If the missing tooth is not addressed in a timely manner, shifting of the adjacent teeth can occur, resulting in the loss of more teeth. In more devastating cases, the loss of a tooth can result in the deterioration of the jawbone. Dental implants have been changing people’s lives with their capability of functioning just like natural teeth, and looking and operating in the same way as they do.

Dental patients are becoming increasingly concerned about the materials being embedded within the vicinity of their oral cavity, and about the potential impact these materials can have on their overall health. When it comes to dental implants, using a low reactive and low toxic based material is the best candidate for this reconstructive tooth procedure. Over the years, health concerns have grown about the amount of metal that should be put into our bodies, leading, for some, to almost a complete avoidance of them.

Dental Implants were the most innovative technique in teeth replacement in past years. Now, Smile Maker would like to introduce the newest highly acclaimed technology in tooth replacement procedure: CeraRoot Zirconia Implants. This type of revolutionary material is metal-free, and is instead made of zirconium oxide - a naturally occurring ceramic compound. Today, there is an increasing number of people who are identified to be suffering from allergies, skin sensitivities, and weak immune systems. Therefore titanium implants have to be seriously scrutinized before they are placed into the jaw bone for patients who suffer from these sensitivities. CeraRoot zirconia implants is a hypoallergenic and holistic option to absolutely metal-free dental implants. This type of ceramic implant is an aesthetic solution to create a natural looking and strong replacement tooth structure.

One of the most important features of this teeth replacement technique is that these implants are designed to tolerate an incredible amount of chewing forces. You can eat, chew, and drink exactly as you were able to with your real teeth.

Northeast Philadelphia Ceramic Dental Implant Dentist 

There are a growing number of patients who are concerned about having the metal which titanium implants consist of in their mouths.  Research has shown that titanium implants contain a small amount of nickel, an element which 5% to 10% of the general population is allergic to.  CeraRoot Zirconia Implants are bioinert, which means that they do not produce an immune response when being introduced to tissue.  This also implies that the implants will not disrupt the energy movement through the body’s biological systems, making this an excellent alternative for patients who follow holistic beliefs.

The procedure entailed in this tooth replacement technique is surprisingly simple, due to the fact that the placement is done in a single-stage approach. CeraRoot implants are designed to be placed immediately in the jaw after a tooth extraction.  During the initial phase of a dental plant procedure, Dr. Karagodsky will evaluate the bone density of your jawbone to determine if the bone is strong enough to support the implant. Once the evaluation is complete, the Doctor will place the ceramic rod into the vacant socket with minimal invasive surgery, in some cases without even needing to make incisions into the gum line.