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Dental Crowns Can Repair Damaged Teeth and Restore Your Oral Function

Despite your best efforts, you may at some point acknowledge that you have a damaged tooth. Perhaps decay and bacteria have progressed over the tooth, or you severely chipped it, in both cases a dental crown will be your best option for treatment. Dental crowns provide both cosmetic and oral health benefits, helping to reinforce the tooth’s structure while simultaneously making your smile appear whole again. These structural components are carefully fashioned in order to complement your natural teeth in regards to size, shape and color. Smile Maker offers a relaxing and comfortable environment while our expert dentist treats your impaired tooth.

Dental crowns are versatile restorations which can repair badly damaged teeth, replace missing teeth, and renew your oral function. At Smile Maker in Philadelphia, PA, Dr. Dmitry Karagodsky ensures longevity and aesthetic results by using only the finest materials for his dental crowns. At your consultation, he will explain the benefits of the various materials, so you can choose the type which fits in with your goals and budget. 

Are You a Candidate for a Dental Crown?

Dr. Karagodsky recommends dental crowns for many different reasons. A crown may be an effective and affordable solution if you are struggling with:

  • A tooth with decay which is too severe for a filling
  • A weakened or cracked tooth
  • Dental erosion, particularly if it is affecting your appearance or the force of your bite
  • A dental infection requiring a Root Canal 
  • A missing tooth

A picture of a likelife dental crownCrowns are most frequently used to restore dental function. However, in some cases, they can have Cosmetic applications. For instance, a crown may be appropriate if you have an abnormally shaped tooth, or one which is disproportionately small. 

What to Expect During Treatment

To determine if you require a dental crown, Dr. Karagodsky will first review X-rays to determine the extent of any damage. With these images, he can also ascertain how much tissue he may need to remove. To make room for a crown, Dr. Karagodsky will first need to reshape your compromised tooth. However, he uses incredibly gentle and precise techniques. Therefore, the process will involve very little discomfort, and the underlying structure of your tooth will remain strong and healthy in the aftermath. 

To prepare your tooth for a crown, Dr. Karagodsky will remove all decayed or infected tissue. He will also eliminate several layers of tooth enamel from the outside of your tooth. This step will make room for the restoration so that it blends naturally with your smile and creates a stable base for your crown. Our team will then take impressions of your reshaped tooth so that our in-house lab can create a precise restoration, a process which typically takes two weeks. When the crown is finished, Dr. Karagodsky will attach it with dental composite.

Your Crown Options

Our laboratory uses a variety of materials to create crowns. Each offers its own unique benefits, and we will help you select the most appropriate option for you. Choices include:

  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM): PFM crowns are often the most economical option. These restorations are made of a metal base and a porcelain shell, chosen to match your smile. Combining these materials can provide significant strength. However, the porcelain may eventually start to wear, allowing the grey metal to show through.
  • Porcelain: All-porcelain crowns are a lifelike option, especially since porcelain is available in many lifelike shades. Nonetheless, this material is not quite so strong as metal, so a porcelain crown may not be an appropriate option for a damaged molar.
  • IPS e.max®: This durable material is a type of lithium disilicate that offers incredibly realistic effects. The color can match the natural shade of your smile while offering a lifelike translucence and sparkle.
  • Zirconium: Zirconium combines the aesthetics of porcelain with the strength and durability of metal. We proudly offer several types of zirconium, including state-of-the-art BruxZir®.
With our financing solutions, you can make a more durable and lifelike investment in your smile.

Financing Your Dental Crown

Dental crowns are often covered by insurance. We accept many types of insurance, and will work with your provider to maximize your plan’s benefits. If you do not have insurance, we also have several affordable financing options and accept payments through CareCredit® and LendingClub. These third-party medical lenders offer a variety of payment plans with fixed- and low-interest rates. While insurance will often cover part of your treatment, it may not pay for any additional price beyond that of a PFM restoration. With our financing solutions, you can make a more durable and lifelike investment in your smile.

Rebuild Healthy Teeth

To learn more about dental crowns and our advanced restorative options, call our office at (215) 969-2015, or contact us online to book a consultation with Dr. Karagodsky. He can determine your need for a dental crown, and recommend a crown material which will benefit you the most.