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Dental Hygiene Dentist Philadelphia

A clean, healthy smile makes for a great first impression when entering a room. If you want to improve and maintain the health of your teeth, establishing good conscientious personal oral care will have a large impact on the quality of your smile. The practice of cleaning your teeth and gums through a home regime and professional care is known as good oral hygiene. While integrating brushing and flossing into your daily routine helps promote healthy teeth, it is no substitute for a professional cleaning from a hygienist. These professionals use a variety of tools to help remove any traces of plaque and bacteria on your teeth and gums.

Maintaining good oral health is indispensable to your overall general health. Gum disease has been linked with a number of health issues including heart disease, diabetes, and strokes. At Smile Maker, we are committed to ensuring you receive the highest quality of dental work throughout every phase of your treatment, so that you are able to maintain your oral and general health. We want to ensure that this level of service does not end at your visit to our office, but extends into your personal oral hygiene routine.  Dr. Karagodsky and our team of experienced dental professionals are here to help you establish a dental hygiene schedule which will help you to enjoy a bright, beautiful smile.

Dental Hygiene Dentist Northeast Philadelphia

“So, how do I maintain good oral health?” you may ask our dental team.  First of all, brushing and flossing your teeth every day is essential to keeping your teeth healthy. Using a fluoride based toothpaste helps to strengthen your teeth as well as prevent decay. Your diet is also another factor which reflects onto your oral health. It is not advisable to routinely consume foods which are high in sugar. Sugar feeds bacteria which inevitably cause a buildup of dental plaque.

To make sure that you do not experience any Dental Health Problems down the road, schedule your regular Dental appointments here at Smile Maker. Taking the proper Preventative Measures to keep your teeth healthy will help you to create and maintain the attractive, confident smile that you want and deserve, and will help to maintain the overall well-being of your body.