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Teeth Whitening Can Help You Achieve a Brighter, More Aesthetic Smile 

Teeth stains are all but unavoidable. Whether they are caused by food, coffee or just plain aging, most people experience tooth discoloration at some point in their lives. Fortunately, simple preventative measures can be taken to keep away the stains and erase them from the aesthetic look of your smile.

Professional teeth whitening services have become a frequently sought after cosmetic dentistry procedure around the nation. Our dental office offers the most innovative dental technology in the teeth-whitening field. You can say goodbye to yellow and hello to Hollywood glam!

Professional Teeth Whitening at our Philadelphia, PA, practice is an affordable way by which to improve your smile dramatically. At Smile Maker, we offer both in-office and take-home teeth whitening treatments. Both methods are effective, and we can help you choose the form which is best suited to your budget and desired treatment timeline. With years of experience in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Dmitry Karagodsky can ensure the most natural-looking results possible. 

Are You a Teeth Whitening Candidate?

Teeth whitening may be an appropriate treatment if you suffer from extrinsic dental stains. This variety of discoloration is found on the outer layer of enamel. Although they may develop for a number of different reasons, stains most commonly appear when you consume certain foods and drinks. For instance, dark-colored wine or coffee can leave pigmented molecules on your teeth. These particles will adhere to your enamel, creating stains over time. Other factors which can contribute to stains include genetics, smoking, and age.

If internal discoloration⏤or intrinsic staining⏤is your primary concern, you may not be a candidate for teeth whitening. These stains generally develop as a result of infection, discolored fillings, or medications. Fortunately, Dr. Karagodsky offers alternative Cosmetic Treatments, such as Porcelain Veneers, which can completely conceal intrinsic stains.

Your Teeth Whitening Process

A before and after picture illustrates the dramatic effects of teeth whitening.

In-Office Treatment

In-office Zoom! teeth whitening offers dramatic results in less than an hour. Thanks to this accelerated treatment time, it is an incredibly popular choice. If you select in-office treatment, Dr. Karagodsky or a member of our team will apply whitening gel to your teeth. We will use a special light to activate the gel for about 15 minutes. The peroxide-based material will create an oxidation reaction, and the rapidly moving oxygen molecules can break apart the chemical bonds between stains. To ensure your receive the most comprehensive results, your practitioner will typically repeat the process three to four times. With this thorough approach, Zoom! can lighten your smile by eight shades or more. In-office teeth whitening is in many cases combined with other treatments, such as a personalized smile makeover, for more dramatic results. 

Take-Home Treatment

Take-home Zoom! treatment lasts for roughly two weeks, and can achieve results which are just as dramatic as those following in-office whitening. You will receive a set of whitening trays, which will be personally created to match impressions we take of your teeth. Every day for the next two weeks, you will fill the trays with a milder form of whitening gel, and you will wear these trays for approximately 30 minutes per day. Just like the gel used in our office, take-home whitening products will chemically break apart stains to gently enhance your smile.

The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening 

Teeth whitening offers stunning final results, which may even make you look several years younger. You may be tempted to try a cheap over-the-counter version first. However, please be aware that these versions are not remotely as effective as our treatments. At best, they will lighten your smile by only a few shades. More alarmingly, store-bought whitening treatments can contain unsafe levels of peroxide. As a result, the whitening gel can cause tremendous discomfort, especially if you already suffer from dental sensitivity. In some cases, the gel can even damage your teeth and gums, potentially requiring Restorative Treatments. In contrast, our treatment involves negligible discomfort, and will be supervised by our expert team to ensure a safe and effective procedure.

Dr. Karagodsky often combines in-office whitening with take-home care, and he can provide touch-ups to maintain your results over time.

While many dentists offer professional teeth whitening, there are a number of reasons to choose Dr. Karagodsky. Firstly, he has over 20 years of experience and is particularly passionate about cosmetic care. Additionally, Dr. Karagodsky is trained in the latest techniques and uses the latest technology. In this fashion, he can achieve stunning results and ensure your comfort throughout your treatment. Furthermore, he often combines in-office whitening with take-home care, and he can provide touch-ups to maintain your results over time. 

Brighten Your Smile

If you are ready to enjoy the benefits of a gorgeous smile, and you are seeking an overall younger look, call our office at (215) 969-2015 or Contact Smile Maker Online. During a cosmetic consultation, we can help determine whether teeth whitening is right for you.