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Botox And Dermal Fillers Northeast Philadelphia

If you are approaching a certain age, you may have started to notice smile lines at the sides of your eyes or deep furrows on your forehead. These marks are the beginning of more permanent wrinkles which are being worn into the skin as a result of making the same facial expressions time and again. Dr. Karagodsky understands that we cannot put a stop to the aging process. In spite of this immutable fact of life, there remains a constant pressure in our society to maintain a youthful look. That is why here at Smile Maker, we combine Cosmetic Dentistry with rejuvenating facial aesthetics to achieve that natural, beautiful, younger version of yourself that you are looking for. Botox, known commonly for its wrinkle smoothing capabilities has exploded both as a cultural sensation and as a medical success. Dynamic wrinkles have met their match with this non-invasive rejuvenation treatment.


Over the years, our skin becomes thinner, our cheeks more sunken in, and our eyes hollowed. BOTOX Cosmetic treatments are effective treatments used to erase or diminish wrinkles, lines, and crows feet. BOTOX® is a protein originating from botulism toxin, which is injected underneath your facial skin. Botox is a protein toxin which has been used in medicine since 1980.  Used in small doses, BOTOX® relaxes facial muscles in order to create a smooth, aesthetically pleasing appearance. This treatment is completed within a single office visit, and requires little to no recovery time.

Dermal Fillers

Over the years, our bodies’ ability to maintain a plump and smooth aesthetic appearance begins to reduce with this passing time. Dermal fillers have become a more popular way to create a youthful facial glow as an alternative to a more invasive surgical face-lift procedure.  The fillers are injected under the skin as to fill in lines and wrinkles. Dermal fillers are a great treatment which can provide volume to areas of facial lines and creases.  These treatments are also used to create plump, voluminous lips.


Although BOTOX® injections are most commonly applied for cosmetic purposes, it is also is used to relieve pain related to TMJ and teeth clenching. Before the cosmetic BOTOX® injections were used for facial beauty, they were used in order to relieve involuntary teeth clenching, and spastic muscle movements. When injected into the tense facial muscles, BOTOX®  begins to relax the muscles which control the jaw (temporomandibular) joint. These treatments target the source of pain directly, and relieve you from the pain which you have been experiencing.

Northeast Philadelphia Botox and Dermal Fillers 

At Smile Maker, we uphold the idea that natural form intensifies beauty. We provide our patients with the most advanced skin treatment therapies available. We want to ensure that our skin treatments maximize each of our patients' potentials, and help them achieve naturally beautiful looks. Call Our Office today to get further information about these procedures.