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Tooth Extractions Dentist Northeast Philadelphia

If you have suffered severe damage and decay to a tooth, you may require extraction to prevent these issues from spreading. Smile Maker offers pain-free, conservative Tooth Extractions in Philadelphia, PA, to remove teeth which have been damaged or infected beyond repair. Dr. Dmitry Karagodsky uses gentle techniques and local anesthetic to make your tooth removal as comfortable as possible. 

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Candidates for Tooth Extractions

Our goal at Smile Maker is to prevent the need for extractions. Unfortunately, in some instances, it is better to remove the tooth completely to help preserve the rest of your teeth. Patients may require an extraction if they are suffering from conditions such as:

  • Significant damage: Dr. Karagodsky can, in most cases, repair oral damage with fillings, inlays, onlays, and dental crowns. However, more significant damage, such as cracks or breaks that extend beneath the gum line, may require extraction.
  • Decay and infection: When caught early, we can fill cavities to preserve your smile. When left untreated, however, the decay can advance beyond our ability to repair the tooth. Decay can also result in an infection at the core of the tooth. If a Root Canal is not an option here, we may need to extract the tooth to eliminate the infection.
  • Periodontal disease: Advanced periodontal disease, or an infection of the gums, may also require extraction. If the disease advances to the point that one or more teeth have loosened and become damaged, it may be best to extract those teeth. This process allows Dr. Karagodsky to properly treat gum disease, and prevent further damage.
  • Overcrowding: Some patients do not have sufficient room in their jaw for all of their teeth. Overcrowding may require Orthodontic treatment to correct misalignment and malocclusion. To achieve optimal alignment and prevent areas which easily accumulate bacteria and decay, Dr. Karagodsky may extract one or more teeth.

Tooth Extraction Procedure

To minimize your pain, Dr. Karagodsky will inject a local anesthetic. This ensures your comfort during treatment. Our office also works with an anesthesiologist to provide general anesthesia for patients who desire further sedation. To extract a tooth, Dr. Karagodsky will use special tools to gently loosen it from the jaw. Once the tooth is loosened, he will carefully remove it. If you have a large tooth that is difficult to remove, he may break the tooth into pieces to safely extract it without damaging your surrounding tissue. If you will replace your teeth with Dental Implants, Dr. Karagodsky may perform a Bone Graft during the same appointment to help preserve or rebuild your jawbone tissue. 

Removing a tooth can eliminate infection, which not only saves your other teeth, but can also prevent the development of other serious health conditions.

Benefits of Tooth Extractions

Smile Maker is dedicated to helping patients preserve as much of their natural smile as possible. However, when other General or Restorative Treatments fail, extraction can become necessary. Removing a tooth can eliminate infection, which not only saves your other teeth but can also prevent the development of other serious health conditions. Tooth extraction can also eliminate any pain caused by your decayed or infected tooth. We also can replace your tooth with a natural-looking restoration so you can chew, speak, and smile with confidence.

Northeast Philadelphia Tooth Extractions Dentist

If you suspect your tooth is infected or damaged, do not dely to contact us and schedule an appointment. If we cannot repair your tooth, we will remove it, so we can help preserve the rest of your smile.

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